Marquage (MAK – EE - AJJ) means more than just make-up in Turkish. It is the gift of showing the busy woman how to Experience Beautiful™ everyday.

Marquage is the brainchild of Turkish-Australian beauty entrepreneur and cosmetics innovator, Ebru Sak. Founder of Saks Salons, Ebru knows all about the challenges of working full-time while balancing family, friends and business. A busy woman herself, Ebru understands absolutely how precious every minute in the day is. Spending too much time in front of the mirror each morning is a luxury most women can’t afford. ‘We just need to get on with life’ says Ebru ‘but we also need to look good while we do it!’

Passionate about women feeling and looking their best, Marquage by Ebru brings to you ‘Face the World in 60 Seconds’. Now busy women can Experience Beautiful™ in just 60 seconds - looking fresh and flawless all day with no touch ups.

Marquage was born from Ebru’s experience in developing divine beauty products leading the way in cutting edge innovation 20 years ago with her DUO lip liner and lipstick assembled in the one capsule.

With little start-up capital to splash on advertising and creative, Ebru became the face of DUO, indicative of her “never say die” attitude.

DUO was an absolute success. It regularly graced the pages of Vogue, Cleo and Cosmo and the shelves of Daimaru, David Jones, John Martins and Ahearns.

Face the world in 60 seconds, like Duo, is a solution to the Time-Less woman.


  • I wore a full face of Marquage on Monday night and I looked beautiful. I am particularly impressed with the foundation.
  • Marquage by Ebru is something I have been looking for to uphold my strict grooming guide that I must follow as an air hostess. Marquage stays on for my long shift while feeling light and keeping me looking great…. Perfection…
    Rosanna G.
  • Excellent for day time wear, easy to apply especially when getting ready for work in a hurry.
  • It really is brush, brush, brush and you're done. As a busy mum, this is the most I have time for and I'm thrilled this product allows me to do my foundation in less than one minute.
  • Marquage is perfect for me as a male. Excellent coverage giving me the Flawless look I’m after without anyone knowing I’m actually wearing any makeup.